Getting to the Water

Water Access Sites. Of Washington’s nearly 4,500 lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, the Department of Fish and Wildlife manages more than 500 access sites, giving boaters and those fishing from banks, access to the water. The database also tells you the type of fish available in the lake or river. So get ready to find your favorite fishing hole!

State Park Boat Launch Map shows launch locations statewide and provides boaters with information including fees, hours, and directions.

Recreation.Gov: The National Recreation Reservation Service provides this portal of federal boating recreation sites. You will find the information below at the portal:

  • Which lakes and recreation sites are near where you want to go or offer a recreational activity you want to do, such as boating, hunting, or camping.
  • Potential weather conditions, elevation, and distance to public lands, trails, lakes, roads, museums, campgrounds, etc.
  • Schedule of events and the operating status of recreation sites.
  • Entrance and use fees. You also may calculate the costs of a trip.
  • Reservations. is a private Web site that features aerial photographs of marinas, an interactive mapping database, and extensive information on marinas around the world.

Overnight Stays

Washington State Marine Parks: The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has the largest, state-managed, mooring system in the United States. The commission manages more than 40 marine parks in Puget Sound that together provide more than 8,500 feet of public moorage space. These maps pinpoint the location of each marine park and provides information on fees, dock length, restrooms, drinking water, campsites, picnic shelters, and more.

Public Ports: The Washington Port Association maintains this statewide directory of public ports that represent about 40 percent of Washington’s public moorage slips. Note that not all ports have public marinas.

Find a Beach

The Washington Department of Ecology has interactive maps to help you find the perfect beach at its Coastal Atlas Web site. The site contains information about beach closures, boat launches and docks, marinas, campsites, hiking trails, amenities such as bathrooms and picnic tables, and whether pets are allowed.