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Where to Go Fishing

Fish Washington! This Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Web site offers information to all levels of anglers about the when's, where's, and how-tos of fishing in Washington.

Water Access Sites displays the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s more than 600 access sites to this state's lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. Find your favorite fishing hole!

Washington Water Cruiser is an online interactive map and smart phone app with information about where to launch a boat or tie up for a weekend on the water. The free app maps all state-owned boat launches and moorage sites open to the public, along with amenities for boaters at each site

Recreation.Gov: Find places with fish-related activities

Take Me Fishing: The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, a national, nonprofit organization, offers this site with information on where to fish around the nation, along with helpful tips about fishing.

Get Your Fishing License
Fishing licenses and fees are categorized by type (freshwater or saltwater), your age, and the amount of time you want to fish. Kids ages 14 and younger do not need a license.

Purchase a fishing license Girl holding trout

Fishing Regulations
A complete description of fishing regulations is available in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife sport fishing rule pamphlet.

During the year, regulations may change as fish runs change. Check the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Web site for updated fishing rules.

Parking at Wildlife Areas or Water Access Sites
Visitors parking at state-managed wildlife areas or water access sites are required to display a Discover Pass or vehicle access pass on their vehicle. You can’t buy a Vehicle Access Pass but it is free when you buy your first big- or small-game hunting license, western Washington pheasant permit, trapping license, or saltwater, freshwater, or combination recreational fishing license. A Vehicle Access Pass is transferable between two vehicles.