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Boat Moorage Boats in a marina

Washington State Marine Parks

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has the largest state-managed mooring system in the United States. The commission manages more than 40 marine parks in Puget Sound that together provide more than 8,500 feet of public moorage space. This Web site features an interactive state map that pinpoints the location of each marine park and provides a corresponding table with information on moorage fees, dock footage, restroom facilities, drinking water, campsites, picnic shelters, and more. A marine park stopover gives boaters the opportunity to check out other recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, clamming, and crabbing, to name just a few.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

The state parks boating program hosts an interactive map that pinpoints moorage locations statewide. A standard checklist appears with each location and tells boaters what to expect in the way of fees and facilities such as dock footage, buoys, campsites, picnic shelters, drinking water, and more.

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

Boating Web Map and Smartphone App

Boaters can find out where to launch a boat or tie up for a weekend on the water. The Washington Water Cruiser, is a new online interactive map and smart phone app launched by RCO that can be used on Apple and Android devices. The free app maps all state-owned boat launches and moorage sites open to the public, along with amenities for boaters at each site.

Apple devices

Android devices

State Parks Moorage Rules and Regulations

The following rules apply to boaters who moor vessels in public marinas:

  • Facility use is first come, first served.
  • Overnight boaters must self-register and pay the fees where posted.
  • Continuous moorage at a facility is limited to three consecutive nights.
  • Leaving a dinghy at a buoy or dock does not reserve a moorage space.
  • Annual permits must be displayed as directed.
  • Rafting is permitted within posted limits. A vessel rafted to another vessel will be charged a moorage fee based on its own length.
  • Open flames, live coals, and combustibles must be placed on a fireproof base, away from fuel tanks and vents.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes and under physical control at all times.

State Parks Moorage Fees

Fees are charged year-round for mooring at docks, floats, and buoys between 1 p.m. and 8 a.m. The daily fee is 60 cents per foot, with a minimum of $12. Moorage buoys cost $12 a night. Boaters may save money by purchasing an annual moorage permit, which is valid January 1 through December 31. To learn more about how to obtain a moorage permit visit the following links:

Washington Port Association

The association maintains a statewide directory of public ports that represent about 40 percent of Washington's public moorage slips. Washington's ports strive to expand public access and services. For example, the Port of Edmonds has installed a state-of-the-art weather center for boaters that shows real-time weather conditions throughout the Puget Sound. Other marinas boast excellent showers and meeting rooms for boaters. Not all ports have public marinas.


Marinas.com is a private Web site that features aerial photographs of marinas, an interactive mapping database, and extensive information on marinas around the world.